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Toilet Paper Roll Shakers

1.Cut out a square of construction paper to fit the toilet paper roll. Decorate the square as desired with stickers, crayons, etc.

2.Tape the construction paper around the toilet paper roll.

3.Flatten and staple one end of the toilet paper roll (may also use clear mailing tape).

4.Place beans, rice, or pebbles inside the open end of the toilet paper roll. (Be careful not to overfill it!)

5.Flatten the second end of the toilet paper roll the opposite direction of the other end and staple/tape securely.

6.Make beautiful music!


Song List
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    Possible Props for Language Development: cowboy hat, cowboy boots, stick horse, toy horse, lasso, book on cowboys, horses, rodeos, occupations, etc.

    Fine Motor Activities:
    1. Cut or tear pictures of people of different occupations out of magazines (including cowboy!) and glue on construction paper, poster or mural, depending on size of your group.
    2. Cut cowboy hat out of large bag or poster board. To wear, put string/yarn from front to back in holes and allow enough string on each side to tie under chin. Fold forward at string/yarn line. *

    Gross Motor Activities:
    1. Skip as if riding a horse, stomping at suggested time in song. Pretend that you are swinging a lasso during the verse.
      Variation: Children form circle, holding part of a long rope as they do the motions.
    2. Everyone face a partner and clap your hands during first verse. During second verse, partners hook right arms and swing around, then left arms.
      Variation: Partners can alternate their claps, first right hands and then left.
    Possible Props for Language Development - Discuss what we use when we have music: different instruments, CD player, tape player, voices, etc.

    Fine Motor Activities:
    1. Make music shakers by filling plastic eggs with navy beans. Tape together and decorate with markers or stickers.
      Variation: Use empty toilet paper roll filled with beans and wrap it in wrapping paper or construction paper. Use rubber bands on each end to secure beans inside. *
    2. Make pom-poms for cheering by shredding paper and taping or using a rubber band at one end to secure.

    Gross Motor Activities:
    1. Jump up every time you sing, "Hooray!" Clap, stomp, and dance at appropriate times in song.
    2. Shake pom-poms and march during the chorus.
  • GO, GO, GO!
    Possible Props for Language Development: toy car, train, and airplane (or pictures), toy steering wheel, globe, map, book on transportation, etc.

    Fine Motor Activities:
    1. Cut or tear pictures of means of transportation out of magazines. Put all the cars on one page, trains on another, and airplanes on another. Count how many of each you have found.
      Variation: Have children work together on three big poster boards.
    2. Draw a road from your house to a "new place" you would like to go. Discuss.

    Gross Motor Activities:
    1. Each child pretends they are either a car (holding steering wheel), a train (moving arms bent at elbows to and fro alternately), or an airplane (arms extended at sides), moving around the room appropriately.
    2. Play "follow the leader," as if following a "road" together. Put it in "reverse" occasionally and have everyone turn around to let the last person lead.
    Possible Props for Language Development: suntan lotion, beach hat, sun umbrella, sunglasses, beach book, etc.

    Fine Motor Activities:
    1. Children actually rub suntan lotion on their arms, legs and face!
    2. Children make a paper plate sun by coloring the center of the plate yellow or gluing a yellow paper circle in the center. Draw on face of sun if desired. Use yellow marker to draw the rays around the center of the sun. *

    Gross Motor Activity:
    1. Children pretend to change into their bathing suits during chorus, then follow the directions of the song during the verses ("put it on your arms… legs… face"). Children can then pretend to run and splash in the water or run and play on the playground. Naturally, if possible, actually do these activities outdoors!
    Possible Props for Language Development: stuffed or toy lions and/or other jungle animals, safari hat, binoculars, picture of a jungle, book about the jungle, etc.

    Fine Motor Activities:
    1. Make binoculars out of 2 empty toilet paper rolls or one paper towel roll cut in half. Tape the two rolls together at each end. Decorate with markers and/or jungle stickers. *
    2. Make a jungle drum out of an empty coffee or peanut can (any size). Cover the can with paper and decorate as desired.

    Gross Motor Activities:
    1. Children pretend to be lions and act out the actions along with the words of the song.
    2. Using a parachute or large blanket, ask half of the children to hold the edges of the parachute while the others go underneath, pretending they are "under the trees." With each verse, the children holding the parachute raise it higher as the children underneath are first laying down (sleeping), then getting on all fours to "roar", then sitting on knees to sing, and then standing to dance. When the "sleeping" verse is repeated, the parachute goes low again over the "sleeping lions." Be sure to repeat the song so the children can switch positions.
    3. Children tap their knees alternately to the beat of the song, using sign language to show the lions "sleeping," "roaring," "singing," and "dancing."
    Possible Props for Language Development: stuffed or toy snake, book about snakes, etc.

    Fine Motor Activities:
    1. Children make a snake out of a long sock (tube sock or knee sock). Stuff sock with polyester stuffing or crumpled newspaper. Secure the open end with a rubber band (rattlesnake?!). Glue or sew on button eyes (of use felt or paper eyes). Use markers for decorating "Sammy."
    2. If working with three or fewer children, have them move their finger thru a dishpan half full of sand, making "snake tracks". Of course, many children could do this activity if you have a sandbox!

    Gross Motor Activities:
    1. Children lie on the floor and pretend to be Sammy the snake. During the chorus, maybe Sammy was "silly" because he rolled back and forth or because he rolled on his back and made a "snow angel" in the sand!
    2. Make Sammy a GIANT snake by children standing in a line, putting hands on the shoulders of the child in front of them.
    Possible Props for Language Development: As many different bells as you can find! Pictures representing the four seasons, book about the seasons, etc. You may also want to discuss "blues" as a feeling and a music style.

    Fine Motor Activity:
    1. Cut yarn into approximately 24 inch pieces. Give each child one piece of string and one or two bells (1" or larger preferred). Have the children string the bells on their piece of yarn and tie the ends together to wear as a necklace if desired.

    Gross Motor Activities:
    1. Let the children each have a bell or another instrument to play during the song.
      Variation: Ask the children to play their bells only on the word "Jingle."
    2. With or without bells, it's a great song just for dancing!
    Possible Props for Language Development: stuffed or toy kangaroo if available (if not, use a picture), book about kangaroos, book on track sports which includes jumping activities, "Hey, Diddle, Diddle" nursery rhyme ("…the cow jumped over the moon…") etc.

    Fine Motor Activities:
    1. Teach sign language for the word, "jumping" and use the sign whenever you sing the word.
    2. Have children draw jumping kangaroos. "Which one is highest…lowest…?"

    Gross Motor Activities:
    1. Have children jump whenever they sing the word.
      Variation: Hold hands facing a partner and jump together.
    2. Using a parachute or large blanket, put a stuffed kangaroo in the center and have the children make the kangaroo "jump" high and low during the song.
    Possible Props for Language Development: beach bag, beach towel, sunglasses, beach ball, flip-flops, beach book, etc.

    Fine Motor Activities:
    1. Make a beach bag out of a large paper bag. Cut off the top 3 - 4 inches of the bag neatly. Use this strip as the handle for your bag and staple each end to the bag. Decorate with crayons, markers, and/or beach stickers. *
    2. Have the children use construction paper to cut out a circle (ball), rectangle (towel), sunglasses, and flip-flops to put in their bag! *

    Gross Motor Activities:
    1. follow the leader to the "beach," following the directions in the song as you go (ex. Pretend to take your beach towel out of the bag… sunglasses… etc.).
    2. Children sit in a circle and pass along each item as it is mentioned in the song. If an item does not make the full circle, adult gives the next item to the child where the last item left off.
    Possible Props for Language Development: plastic bugs or bug puppets (if neither is available, use pictures of insects mentioned in song), party hats, party horns, etc.

    Fine Motor Activities:
    1. Have a template cut out of each insect (butterfly, worm, ladybug), so children can use it to make their own bugs. Use markers or crayons to decorate your bugs. *
    2. Make party hats out of paper plates. Have children decorate the bottom of a paper plate. Adult should fold and staple only about one inch down from the point so that the hat fits on child's head with the opening in front.
    3. Give each child a blown up balloon. They draw bugs on balloons with permanent markers (washable markers will smear).

    Gross Motor Activities:
    1. Children pretend to be the bugs and follow the directions in the song. When they sing "it's a party," have them crouch down so they can jump up when they sing, "Hooray!"
      Variation 1: Each child chooses to be one bug throughout entire song.
      Variation 2: Have half the group stand and sing, "it's a party" and the other half stands and Yells, "Hooray!" Then switch parts.
    2. Using "bug" balloons, have them each try to keep their "bugs" in the air during the song.
      Variation: Children sit in a circle and try as a group to keep one or two balloons in the air.
    Possible Props for Language Development: stuffed or toy rabbit, playground ball for bouncing, book about rabbits, etc.

    Fine Motor Activity:
    1. Make a lunch bag bunny puppet. Keep lunch bag folded and glue bunny ears so they stick up from the back. Draw the bunny's face on the bottom of the bag. *

    Gross Motor Activities:
    1. Children pretend to be bunnies and follow the directions in the song.
      Variation: A red stop sign can be held up when the song says, "Stop!"
    2. Children use bunny puppets and move them as the song directs.
    3. Children each have a ball and bounce it during the "bouncing" verses.
      Variation 1: Children have partners and bounce the ball back and forth.
      Variation 2: Children stand in circle and bounce the ball to each other.
    Possible Props for Language Development - Discuss ways we're different by looking at your group of children (hair color, skin color, height, languages, including sign language, etc.).

    Fine Motor Activities:
    1. Have children draw a picture of different looking people playing together or cut pictures out of magazines to glue on one paper.
    2. Teach sign language for the words, "We're friends" and use whenever the words are sung.

    Gross Motor Activity:
    1. Each child has a partner, with one being the "mirror." The "mirror" mimics the movements of the other child. During the "We're friends" chorus, the children can put their hands together, palms facing, and move together slowly as the music suggests. Be sure to give the children a chance to lead and to be the mirror.